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What is Fascial Stretch Therapy?

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is a system of assisted stretching which focuses on the muscles, joints, and connective tissue, such as fascia. Essentially, it's professional stretching at its finest! We use an amazing combination of modernized scientific techniques to give you the best stretching experience you could ever imagine. It’s easy, relaxing, and certainly doesn’t hurt. We stretch your whole body by focusing on tight areas like your hips, glutes, thighs, shoulders, chest, calves, back, and everything else!

You’ve probably had a massage before, most likely experienced acupuncture, and have probably been to a chiropractor. But have you ever been to a Fascial Stretch Therapist and had your entire body stretched out? We promise, it’s as amazing as it sounds! 


We’re told all the time that we need to stretch more but do we actually do it? Heck no! Fortunately for you though, that’s what we’re here for! We do all the work for you and ensure you leave feeling more relaxed and looser than when you came in. We not only do what you don’t have time for and don’t want to do, we do it in ways you could never logistically do on your own. 


Fascial Stretch Therapy is all about making you feel better and move better as soon as possible. Your biggest job during our session is simply to relax! Fascial Stretch Therapy is not just for athletes, although a ton of professional athletes receive regular treatments around the world. Most of our clients actually fall into the "really stiff" 45-70 year-old range. Beyond that though, we stretch people of all ages, body types, and capabilities. One of the beautiful things about FST is that almost everyone can benefit from a session! And to further accommodate particular preferences, here in State College we have both a male (Tyler) and female (Libby) practitioner.


During each session, you simply lay on our treatment table fully clothed with shoes off, complimented with some great conversation and cheesy jokes. We move each leg or arm around very slowly and carefully and we only go through each stretch according to your body's comfort and resistance levels. We’ve had many clients come into their first appointment nervous or unsure about what they signed up for, with this being a newer style of treatment, expecting us to bend them like a pretzel. Much to their surprise though, every single client has quickly discovered that each stretch session is perfectly individualized and is incredibly relaxing, easy, and super impactful.


We understand that life is crazy busy and we don't always have time for stretching. That’s where we come in! We’re here to help you relax, do the stretching for you, and make you feel like your old self. 

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Benefits of FST

What makes this process different from other flexibility and treatment programs is the level of total individualization, the unique straps we use for perfect leverage, and the complex system of specially-designed moves we use to stretch the entire body. This is an excellent treatment choice for those wanting to drastically improve flexibility and mobility, recover from training or sports, decrease daily aches/pains, improve posture, and prevent future injuries. Clients leave our sessions feeling enormously looser, lighter, and relaxed.


This is your opportunity to finally give yourself the care and positivity you’ve been desperately needing. We are here to make sure that you feel and move tremendously better all around. Choosing a Fascial Stretch Therapy session with us at Revived means making a stronger, better, more impactful decision for yourself!

Who can benefit from FST?

  • Desk Workers

  • Athletes

  • Trade and Skill Laborers

  • Busy Moms and Dads

  • Runners, Cyclists, Swimmers, etc.

  • Aging Seniors

  • Health Care Workers

  • Emergency Responders

  • Golfers and Tennis Players

  • Anyone with daily aches and pains

  • And so many others!



"I can run again! After months of tight muscles and disappointing runs, I came across Revived's stretch therapy program. Immediately after the first session I felt like a million bucks! Tyler’s attention to detail and experience in training and rehabilitation is unmatched. He is so easy to work with and schedules around my busy life. I definitely 100% would recommend the program to everyone."

—  Chad Hunter

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How to Schedule

Please contact us directly to reserve your session. We currently offer options on Tuesdays and Thursdays, depending on whether you work with Libby or Tyler, ranging from 9:00am-7:00pm. The easiest way to get scheduled is to simply call/text us at 814-502-3226 or email at Another great way to contact us is to fill out a contact form by clicking the button below and we will reach out to you as soon as we can.


Our State College office is moving effective November 1, 2023. Our new address is 1748 S Atherton, State College, PA 16801We are located inside of PYP Studio!


Save $30 and receive your first 50-minute Stretch session for only $60!

Click here to view our pricing options for State College!

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