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Libby McCracken

Meet Libby

Libby was born and raised locally in Tyrone, PA. She is the middle child and followed in the footsteps of her two siblings and participated in many sports and clubs growing up.
After graduating high school from Tyrone High School, she attended and graduated from Saint Francis University in 2021 with a Bachelors in Exercise Science. Libby is also a certified Fascial Stretch Therapist, Level 1.
Libby is happily married to her new husband, Hunter, and currently reside in Tyrone, PA. Libby also works at Revival Fitness & Rehab with Tyler and Van as a Personal Trainer, Fascial Stretch Therapist, and Performance Coach.
Being newly married, Libby is currently in the middle of renovating their first home together and stays plenty busy with design projects. She loves to travel and has been all over the world seeing different countries. Libby loves her crime dramas on TV and always appreciates a good book.
Why Van got into Fitness & Wellness

“When I was a kid, my family was in a pretty serious car accident. Although I was unharmed, my grandfather had to spend many months in a HealthSouth rehab facility. I spent a lot of time in the facility and even had my fourth birthday party there. I was really young but the staff there left a huge impact on me. They would involve me in whatever they were doing and were so kind. I watched them help my grandfather recover and gain mobility again. From then on I knew  I wanted to work in wellness and be involved in the recovery process. I wanted to do for other people what the staff there had done for my family. I picked my university based on the amazing health sciences program and ultimately felt a calling in the exercise physiology program. During my clinical internship with Revived I knew that Fascial Stretch Therapy was something I had to pursue. Helping  people is something I always wanted to do. I love working with different people everyday and there is no better feeling than someone telling me how much different and better they feel when they get up off the table."

Why Libby got into Fitness & Wellness
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