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After 3.5 amazing years of serving the State College area, we have made the bittersweet decision to close our office here. Effective April 30, 2024, we will be officially closed and will no longer be seeing clients. Being transparent, while we've continued to stay busy and are blessed with so many terrific clients, it became a logistical issue and we're simply having a hard time managing all of our clients now that we're down to limited staff and have limited time. Van had entered the State Police in the fall of 2023, Libby accepted a full-time position at another company, and Tyler needs to put in more time at his fitness/rehab business in Altoona, along with his woodworking/lumber business taking off (Timber Bear Woodworks)

It's been a complete and total honor working with Centre County residents during the last several years and we're so grateful for the incredible memories and relationships we've formed with you all. This business has been a complete blessing to us and we hope that it has positively impacted anyone reading this. If you are still needing Fascial Stretch Therapy, Tyler can certainly see you in Altoona at our sister company, Revival Fitness & Rehab. Please visit our website via the link above or text/call Tyler at 814-502-3226.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you and wish you all well. May God bless you.

- Tyler H

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