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About Us

Our Purpose

Revived was originally founded in November of 2020 by Tyler Hunter and Van Lanzendorfer in State College, PA. The purpose behind creating Revived was to bring a modernized, effective wellness approach to the area in order to reach more people and to partner with other health specialties.
In our current society, we push our physical and mental limits every day, rarely taking the time for self-care and recovery. Recovery means something different for all of us, though, so we strive to help each person discover what that is...
Recovery from sports.
Recovery from desk work.
Recovery from being a busy parent.
Recovery from working out.
Recovery from being on your feet all day.
Recovery from bad posture and tightness.
Recovery from stress and anxiety.
Recovery from chronic aches and pains.
Recovery from life in general!
Revived is all about helping people feel better and move better through genuine, life-changing recovery services. Coming to Revived means recovering with purpose. Regardless of your age, gender, size, shape, skin color, or issue, we all need help putting the puzzle back together. Through services like Stretch Therapy, we are able to quickly impact the well-being of others more than we ever imagined.
Our primary goal is to create an authentic, supportive environment that helps every person feel comfortable, heard, and cared for. We are so incredibly thankful and blessed to have this opportunity and can't wait to meet you!
Meet the Team

Owner, Fascial Stretch Therapist

Tyler Hunter

Fascial Stretch Therapist

Libby McCracken
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